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Single-Stage roll-in setters designed specifically for all-in/all-out operation.

Chick Master Avída Series Setters have been meticulously designed for optimum hatchability, bio-security and simplicity of maintenance and operation.

The position of each trolley in relation to the paddle fan places one trolley on each side. This ensures optimum air flow through the eggs. Combined with the heavy duty turning system that can be programmed for frequent action, Chick Master Avída setters virtually eliminate hot and cold spots common in other single-stage equipment.

Each six trolley section is controlled independently. Multi-section controls give Chick Master Avída Series setters the ability to handle up to 126,720 eggs in one unit both safely and efficiently.

Our turning system is bio-secure and energy efficient. Maintenance is easy because most of the system is positioned outside the cabinet. Also now available is the new Avida 'S' bottom turning option.

To take advantage of carbon dioxide control, Avída Series setters can include a CO2 control system. The cabinet is fully sealed permitting CO2 to reach optimum levels during incubation.

Chick Master Avída Series Setters are designed for bio-security. Many internal fixtures and fittings are made of stainless steel to reduce the areas where bacteria can breed.

Chick Master bolt-together trolleys are built with aluminum for durability and maneuverability. A “push-through” Farm to Hatchery trolley option is available to facilitate egg transport and handling.

Chick Master offers a wide range of egg tray options to suit the needs of today’s poultry industry. These trays are designed to work with hatchery automation and vaccination systems.

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